Why Us?

• We have nearly 40 years of experience in which we have helped  approximately  240 organizations to make business decisions, Especially in marketing matters.
• We trained and taught over 24,000 students and students on  marketing and  sales issues!

Our Services

Training marketing and business development professionals in 
.about one hundred and forty businesses/NGOs 

Our market research projects are based on our interviews with dozens of 
.professionals in the industry/NGO under investigation in Israel or abroad

Our research projects contribute to:

• Identifying appropriate target market segments, 
• Shortening penetration time into the market,
• Choosing the right business model, and
• Forecasting a market-generated real-time sales estimate.

Our market research is an important input to fact-based accurate business plans. 

Our Clients for Global Market Research

A.C.S. Motion Control U.S. Distribution Study re High-end Motion Controllers (including extensive worldwide interviewing)
A.C.S. U.S. Market Potential and Customer Identification Study (including worldwide interviewing)
Brand Awareness Survey in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany and the U.S.
Elbit U.S. Market Research of the Efficiency of In-House Training in U.S. Industry
U.S. Market Research of the Use of Computerized Instruction in Schools
U.S. Market Research of Hebrew Printing and Writing Systems
Electrotherm – Electrical & Metal Products Study of the USA Market for Pre-heat and Heat Treatment Solutionsfor Aerospace Products
Emilia Electronics Export Marketing Plan
Hamanit-Netanya Incubator Co. Preliminary Study of the U.S. and European Market Potential for Avocado Ripeness Checking Devices
Netzer Precision Sensors U.S. Market Potential Study
Germany and Japan Market Potential Study
Global Business Plan
Opgal Study of the Global Forest Fire Detection Market
Study of the Global Rim-seal Fire Detection Market
Rafael Armaments Study of Product Service in Southeast Asia
Study of the Global Market for Pipe Leak Detection Systems
Sensata Technologies (USA) Preliminary Research of the Market in the Slovak and Czech Republics for Commercial Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters
Y-Sensors Study of the Global Market for Gyroscopes
Boursin Cheese (FRANCE) Israel Market Research
Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems
Israel Market Research
Sanlacol U.S. Research of Trends in the Canned Tomato Market
Elcam Medical U.S. Market Research (2 projects)
Medvision Preliminary U.S. Market Study
Mego Lymphedema Pumps U.S. Market Research
Rion Industries Study of the U.S. Market for Medical Injection Molding
Anavid U.S., Germany, U.K. and Israel Study of the Silicone Rubber Market
Automotive Industries U.S. Study of the Safe Market
Biogal Diagnostic Kits Export Marketing Plan
Kibbutz Baram Global Marketing Research for Refrigeration Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs)
LR Group Study of the Global Market form Nano Aluminum Oxide Powder
Misgav Carmiel Technological
Incubator Co.
Preliminary Study of the U.S. and Europe Market Potential for Fire-retardant Capillaric Concrete Bricks
Rafael Study of the Market for Explosives Detection Dogs in the U.S. and Selected Countries
Salt of the Earth, Atlit Study of the EU Market for Licking Lumps for Cattle, Horses and Sheep
Technopach Haargaz Study of the Global Market for Containers for Military UAVs and Missiles
AppSwing U.S. Potential Customer Verification Survey
Bamboo Acupuncture Software Preliminary U.S. Market Study
B2B Catalog Software
U.S. Market Research
Graphitec Artistic CAD Software Preliminary U.S. Research of the Internet Market for CAD Software
Tri-logical Technologies Ltd. Tri-logical ailway Maintenance Management Solution Competitor Report – Part 1
Golan- Producer of Archeological Exhibitions U.S. Market Research Report Re The Touching Jesus Experience Traveling Exhibition
Kinar Hotel Market Research of Incoming Tourism to Israel